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By choosing to opt-in to our mobile message service you will be able to receive instant updates from us about events and special offers to find out more about why we use mobile messaging please read the information below.

Why We Use Mobile Messaging

The ONLY certain way to reach anyone in an instant

Depending on the nature of your business there are many different elements of mobile marketing and communications to consider. Mobile web is an obvious choice for all online businesses, and mobile apps can increase brand visibility, but mobile messaging is the key to achieving greater ROI and reach.

Mobile Marketing and the benefits for your business

Rapid response rates from text communication
Rapid response

97.5% of SMS messages are read within 5 seconds of being received (Ofcom - 2011)

10 billion using mobile marketing and counting
Increasing use of mobile phones

Mobile devices will eventually outnumber humans and by 2016 there will be 10 billion mobile connected devices around the world (Cisco research - Feb 2012)

Growth charts for marketing
High response rates

Response rates for mobile are 4 times higher than other direct marketing mediums (Mobile Data Association - 2011)

A constant source of communication

81 per cent of adults keep their mobile switched on all of the time, even when they are in bed (media.ofcom.org.uk - 2011)

32 million smartphones
Increased usage of smartphones

There were more than 32 million smartphones in the UK in 2011 which is expected to double by 2015 (mobileSQUARED)

40% of people are interested in receiving mobile communication
Warmly received

40% of UK consumers are interested in being contacted via mobile by advertisers (thedrum.co.uk - 2012)

preferred choice 1 2 3
The preferred choice

Customers prefer to receive promotions by text message rather than mobile web according to research by the Direct Marketing Association (econsulting.com - 2012)


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